GPD Win Mini-PC / Console

A new 5.5″ mini-PC / console hybrid running Windows 10 came to my attention two weeks ago, although it has been in existence since last year.

And of course, being as obsessed with little gadgets as I am, I had to search for a place to buy it from. I was lucky that a guy from the city I work in was offering his for sale, so we came to an agreement and – here it is 🙂

Starcraft II cinematics

Successfully funded in an Indiegogo campaign by the GPD company from Hong-Kong (known mainly for emulator handhelds running Android), this little beast was released in October 2016, sporting a 1280×720 pixel touchscreen display, 4GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage and a quad-core Intel Atom processor with Intel HD 4000 type graphics.

I don’t want to bore you with the specs too much though, so I’ll just answer the question that most people ask when they see this – yes, it runs Skyrim.. and Diablo III, and GTA V and Heroes of the Storm.. and many other games, albeit with some tweaks to either the resolution or complexity of the displayed image. It’s also a fully fledged emulator device, capable of emulating older consoles up to Dreamcast and PS2.

The battery life is also pretty decent, with about 2-3 hours of hardcore multiplayer gaming over WiFi. And if you’re not a hardcore gamer, you’ll be even more satisfied – browsing the web, I could easily get to about 5-7 hours of usage.

The only (very small) flaw I see in this machine is the shiny display, which reflects too much light when under heavy sun light. Other than that, I’d say this machine is one of those few that make you scream “shut up and take my money!”

Starcraft running on GPD win.
Ports on the back side: USB type C for charging,
HDMI out, micro SD card slot, USB type A 3.0 port,
3.5mm jack
Bottom switch for fan control:
off / low speed / high speed 
Front view of keyboard with gamepad controls 
and mouse / gamepad input switch

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    1. It is a windows PC – you can use Steam or just the Microsoft Store. Or any games from the internet that you can download (without being a pirate 😀 )

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