Coursera: Take the world’s best courses, online

Lately I’ve been looking a lot at online learning and trying to discuss it with friends, only to find out that only a few of them knew, what is actually available on the internet, and even fewer actually used these resources to further their learning. That’s why I’m writing this blog post now –  for all my friends, who want to broaden their knowledge of various topics, but are struggling to find the right resources for that.

Coursera is a website that has been around for some years now, but keeps on getting better and better. The site offers most of it’s courses for free, with the option to purchase a Certificate in the given field / course. It also offers a multitude of so-called Specializations – multiple courses stringed together to enable the learner to get to know the topic and be able to apply the knowledge in future projects.

A new feature of the site, currently in beta, is also Learning Path – enabling the student to choose a goal of his learning (e.g. learning to code / write complex programs) and presenting him / her with a list of possible courses that may be of interest.

The course categories are very well organized and enable you to find a fitting course in short time. Available are courses in Arts & Humanities, Business, Computer and Data Science, Life Sciences, Math and Logic, Personal Development, Physical Science and Engineering, Social Sciences, and Language Learning. As a bonus to all these, you can also get a fully-online degree or professional certificate on Coursera in a couple of areas of study.

But Coursera is not only available from the website – there are also official apps for both iPhone and Android devices available on the App Store and Google Play, enabling you to learn on the go, either while commuting to work or school, or simply when you have 10-15 minutes to spend watching a video or reading an article.

To access Coursera and / or download their app, please go to:

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